How It Works

Homzie is an e-design service that provides a do-it-yourself home decorating solution. It’s an affordable & easy alternative to the traditional day of hiring a designer since everything is delivered right to you, digitally. Homzie works with your personal style, budget, and needs to create a personalized master plan for a professionally designed spaced that you can implement by shopping curated shopping links all without ever leaving home.

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Project Prep

It’s all about you— the more I know, the more tailored my solutions will be! I’ll give you tools to help you think through your needs, your budget and your personal style. You’ll complete your project questionnaire with pictures of your space, measurements, and inspiration images or link to a Pinterest board!

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Chat with the designer

This is where the fun begins! Schedule a FaceTime call with me and together we’ll talk through your project questionnaire, virtually view your space, and I’ll get to know you and your personal style better. After our call, you can purchase your design package and I’ll begin crafting your room design.

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Design Plan

Once I’ve gotten to know you and your home, I’ll put together the first round of your room concept boards to present to you. From here, we will message back and forth in my online design studio with your revision notes until we have perfected your new dream space!

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Shop your design

Upon approval of your final design, I will deliver all the goodies, including your final room design, your master shopping list of where you can buy directly the exact pieces in your new space, and my designer install notes of how to put it all in place when it arrives to your doorstep.



E-design is a new way of doing interior design, but we totally get it, you’re thinking “This all sounds really good, but I have more questions.” Let me help answer those for you here.

Have A Design Question?

schedule a free design consult call

Have questions about your unique space? Unsure which Homzie package is right for you? You can schedule a 30-minute free design call with me! When you start a project with Homzie you’ll automatically be asked to schedule a design call. But I know inviting someone into your home to help make it home is a big deal. That is why I offer all of my clients the opportunity and peace of mind that comes with talking to someone face-to-face. If you’re on the fence or need to talk it through feel free to schedule a time to chat!

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